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September 30, 2013:
Somehow one of the more popular phone binocular apps for 3D ended up on the clearance rack at Target in record time.


3D Phone Viewers

There was a binocular attachent which is now available on eBay and in some stores for looking at images in the same way that you would have gotten with a Viewmaster.

Enjoy 3D Views on Ordinary Smartphones

Could Be The Most Popular Thing Since The Viewmaster


Phone binoculars are an exciting new way to view 3D content on smartphones, Apple iPhones, Apple iPods, and other portable media players. By providing the user with 2 different views and using downloadable 3d viewing apps, the binoculars allow for 3D games, augmented reality applications, and other virtual reality uses with a small screen phone. For example, a real estate agent could show a 3D walkthrough of a home that is for sale, or even just show a 360 degree view of a vacant lot that a person could view by looking into the phone binoculars and turning around. Phone binoculars would work with software, accelerometers, and even GPS information to provide useful or interesting information to the user. Even better , the use of 3-D binocular technology also allows for 3D movie viewing on smartphones, so people could watch three dimensional films and videos at their leisure (or on a plane) without bothering  other users or exposing confidential content to onlookers.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: It is possible that phone binoculars are just a fad, but then again they could be the next big thing.